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WARTIME Issue No. 4 : Money, Power, Respect

WARTIME Issue No. 4 : Money, Power, Respect

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What are Money, Power, and Respect?  Who really has it? Who are our real enemies?

What is a vision of communities that balances these themes and ideas and grounds us in a vision for the future? 

WARTIME Issue No. 4 dives into these pillars that we define our lives by.

We have dispatches from BMB Hubs around the country giving their perspective of what issues they’re facing.  We go to St. Louis to see the work they are doing to unite street tribes.  We look at the “Defund the Police” campaign to see what it’s actually accomplished.  We talk about Respect and what it means to Black men as we navigate relationships, fatherhood, and day-to-day life navigating this crooked system and so much more.

90 pages, printed on high quality paper, and the product of hundreds of hours of work from a dedicated group of crows.

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